About me...

About me...

I am Praseudo ( you can find my real name in social links attached :P ). Currently working as Sr. Security Analyst and also active in bugbounty platforms like Bugcrowd and mostly in HackerOne. Also intrested in doing freelancing stuff. If you have any queries please feel free to ping me on my Twitter.

The main reason to start this blog is to share my little skills with security community and also I often forget many techniques and approaches on the target so I find this as a great resource to save my notes here so that I will be not forgetting it ;P

This blog will be updated with all the simple tips, techniques, approaches and many other things which I have learnt from other blogs/vlogs. Don't worry I'll also include the reference links at the end of each blog.

I'll be mainly concentrating on Web, API, mobile (Android & iOS) applications.

Happy Hacking :D

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